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Pursing high quality with whole heart
Dali Group demands quality, operates with integrity, takes quality as its commitment to consumers, and spares no effort to ensure consumers’ satisfaction. The Group strives to create quality foods for consumers. The company encompasses strong sense of responsibility to ensure product quality and to help create a quality life for its consumers.
Dali Group is dedicated to quality in all aspects, including for its consumers as well as for its business development. Throughout Dali's corporate development, it has adhered to its philosophy of "Ensure Quality with Our Heart", which covers every level of the enterprise, every level of the employee and every level of the society. The philosophy puts in place a series of clear and stringent requirements for the company's codes of conduct, value system, and social responsibility. Dedication is Dali's code of conduct, "Ensure Quality with Our Heart" is the core of our corporate culture.
Corporate visioncorporate vision
Create a quality life, build a century brand Create a large comprehensive modern food enterprise group Become the leader of the Chinese food industry
Environmental policyEnvironmental policy
Environmental protection priority, pollution control Energy saving, sustainable development Become the leader of the Chinese food industry
Quality policyEnvironmental policy
Quality is the root, integrity is the foundation Serve customers, satisfaction first  
Food safety policyFood safety policy
Full participation in control, everyone is responsible Compliance with food regulations, ensuring safety and health Compliance with food regulations, ensuring safety and health

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